Painting the Pacific Northwest with Emphasis on Landscape and Architecture
Big Yellow (Pole Pass) painting

Big Yellow (Pole Pass), 36x48", oil on canvas (sold) Slide Show

Shed, Barn, Barn painting

Shed, Barn, Barn; 24x30", oil on canvas

Up Nordstom's painting

Up Nordstrom's, 22x30", oil on museum board (sold)

Red Runabout painting

Red Runabout, 30x30", oil on canvas

Pale Yellow Conway painting

Pale Yellow Conway, 14x18", oil on museum board

Alchemy painting
Alchemy, 20x20", oil on canvas

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Megeara painting
Megeara, 15x11", watercolor

I paint on-site and in studio using oil and acrylic. I make life drawings and paintings in charcoal, watercolor, oil and digital media. Painting surfaces vary from canvas, linen, rag mat board, paper and masonite to metal flashing.